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About Programs

We want all young people to know their voice matters.

It’s their time, turn, and season to release, decree and declare.

And with our help cycles will be broken.

Our unique touch...


   While incorporating raising awareness on 

Adverse Childhood Experiences (A.C.E), 

We focus on conveying & helping children develop socially, ethically, emotionally and cognitively

through supportive activities & lessons. 

With our program small useful facts to be mindful of in day to day journeys are introduced to the youth.


With relaxation methods, yoga and lessons we help the next generation understand starting small is BIG! 

In an effort to prevent violence, raise awareness to childhood trauma and reduce stress,
Youth Journeyz has combined a trichotomous

(Mind-Body-Spirit) program incorporating violence prevention as well as ACE (childhood trauma) Awareness with short, varied & intriguing practices and lessons.


The Youth Voyage Program covers supportive development of the physiological, emotional and behavioral regulation in a HOLISTIC approach through violence prevention, social emotional competencies and emotional resilience, trauma awareness (ACES), movement and grounding-work, identification and expression of emotions, and so much more.

Want to Know More? 

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